The World of Aonaath

Aonaath orbits a yellow sun in the far reaches of The Cosmos among dozens of other worlds. Third in orbit, this blue planet contains vast oceans and lush green lands, the perfect environment for varied humanoid cultures to thrive. Its nearest neighbors, the twin moons of Hyperion and Mordan, fill Aonaath’s night sky.


The face of the Aonaath is covered by numerous landmasses and vast oceans.


The largest and oldest of the six continents is Tolana, which spans a great deal of the planet’s southeastern hemisphere. On its northern edge, The High Kingdom of Tolana is bordered by the ancient Stonespire Mountains. Tolana sprawls out far to the south where it ends at a frozen shoreline that has not been home to more than seals, polar bears, arctic foxes for over a thousand years. North of the Stonespires is the mighty nation of Toman.

Northwest of Tolana is the third largest continet on Aonaath, Antar. It is a land that consists largely of deep rainforests to the east that border a great salt lake, mountain ranges in the northwestern rainforest, along the northeastern seaboard and the far southeast. Within the center of the continent is a vast expanse of rolling plains that make for fertile farming. These farm lands continue all the way to the continent’s southern most point.

Fifty-four hundred miles beyond the coast of Antar lay the Kithian islands. This collection of islands rest in a region that can be subject to a variety of temperatures throughout the year; ranging from extremely warm and humid weather to snowy and cold during the weather (though this is primarily only in the nothern most regions of the islands).

Beyond the feudal islands of Kithia is the ancient and ruined continent of Carandir. Nestled within the Bay of the Crescent Moon is the sub continent Marandor. Carandir is larelgy unexplored due mostly to its massive size. It is the second largest continent of Aonaath. Marandor has never been explored because those who dare to trespass upon its sandy shores have never returned. Legend has it that a ghastly beasts guard the coasts of Marandor. Other theories suggest that it is some kind of deadly energy when magic met its infamous end.

At the southern most pole of the world where the sun does not touch the globe, rests a magical continent. Where it should be cold, it is hot. Where it should be dry, it is wet. Where one expects to find a barren desert, they will find a lush forest. This is the land of Tybir. It is a land that should be nothing more than a fozen wasteland; inhospitable to the toughest of frost giants. While little to no one knows of the existance of this land or has set foot in its verdant woodlands, it is a land of many peoples and beings.

Lastly, but not least of the continents of Aonaath is Edarn. Edarn is an arctict landscape that’s location is a more closely guarded secret than that of Tybir. It rests at the northen pole of Aonaath and is too cold for any life form to survive in. Thus it has never been explored and is believed to be home to the oldest and deadliest terrors the world has ever known. Academians and adventurers alike are of the attitude that it is a good thing that the land is so unforgiving to those who would be foolish enough to venture to that godforsaken land… And that their bones should rest in the ice and snow forever to serve as a warning to any other fools who might journey to the frozen lands of Edarn.



The World of Aonaath

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